Save Tesla Park

Buttercups (Ranunculus californicus) in Tesla Park.  Photo by Mack Casterman.

Friends of Tesla Park

Visit the Friends of Tesla Park web site, to learn more about the Friends’ efforts to prevent  destruction of 3,400 acres of eastern Alameda County native habitat, and to get involved.

As a Friend, EBCNPS supports establishing Tesla Park as a non-motorized low impact historic  and natural resource park and preserve.

Also visit the State Parks web site announcing the first public meeting regarding development of  the General Plan and EIR Scoping public workshop for the expansion of Carnegie State Vehicular  Recreation Area.

Click here to access two videos that provide an early opportunity to listen to State Parks and Recreation Deputy (DPR) Directors (Chief Deputy Director Aaron Robertson, and Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division Deputy Director Christopher Conlin), along with the senior staff counsel, Kathryn Tobias, for DPR, who are testifying before State Senate, and State Assembly, subcommittees regarding a particular “Reappropriations—Capital Outlay” in the DRP annual budget request.

Those who are familiar with the issues surrounding OHMVR program, specifically the Carnegie State Vehicular Recreation Area, which is one of the focal points of these two hearings, might want to reflect on how those staff viewpoints, opinions, and positions, compare to your own experiences, insights, and opinions about the OHMVR Division and mission.

All viewers can gain knowledge of how budget requests, once in hearing, are discussed and decided in each subcommittee.

The hearing provides an opportunity to hear the public’s testimony before the subcommittees. Of particular note are statements by several people on behalf of the Friends of Tesla Park, including that coalition’s chairperson, and coalition representatives from the Sierra Club California, and the California Native Plant Society.

Note also that the item under consideration in these two meetings became known to the Friends of Tesla Park only days prior to the scheduled hearings, which created an urgent need to become familiar with the item and to prepare statements to address it.

Your impressions, comments, experiences are invited. Please send them to our EBCNPS Conservation Analyst at

Mack Casterman