2018-2019 Myrtle Wolf Grant Recipients

The following Myrtle Wolf grants were awarded for the 2018-2019 academic year:

  • Tatyana Soto, Mills College
    Population ecology and population genetics of three rare and protected California endemics
  • Christopher McCarron, UC Berkeley
    Census of all known populations of Eriastrum ertterae
  • Forrest Freund, UC Berkeley
    Systematics and population genetics of Isoëtes L. in California
  • Adam Taylor, UC Berkeley
    Greenhouse Experiment: Chemical & Spectral Analyses of Drought Responses
  • Joshua Gevetz, UC Berkeley
    Cone/seed collection across native range of Pinus muricata, for common garden experimental plantation at The Sea Ranch
  • Zack Dinh, UC Berkeley
    California kelp forest health and seasonal variability study using uninhabited aerial vehicles
  • Austin Quach, CSU East Bay
    Are Carex albida L.H. Bailey and Carex lemmonii W. Boot ‘genomic synonyms’?