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Engagement Opportunities at Native Here Nursery

(editor’s note: Native Here Nursery is a fabulous peaceful environment where you can relax and contemplate while you accomplish great things.)

Through its sales of native plants, Native Here Nursery ( performs two vital functions for our chapter – educating the public on the value of native plants in gardens and other settings and providing financial support for our other programs such as conservation.

The nursery is open year-round (Tuesday 12-3, Friday 9-12, and Saturday 10-2) and we have a number of ways in which people can engage with our activities during those hours. We will provide training, hours are flexible as long as we’re open, and experienced volunteers will be on hand to lead activities and answer questions. At the moment, we are featuring the following, but if you don’t see something that fits your interests and talents, let us know; we have other roles.

Waterers: During the dry season, our plants need watering twice a week to keep them thriving. Adopt a section as your own, come weekly, or come when you can. A section takes 1-2 hours to water. Brief training required.

Potters: Do you have nimble fingers and a feel for plants? Potting new seedlings into larger pots is at the heart of the nursery’s work. Training required; come regularly or when you can.

Maintenance: Many things at the nursery need periodic attention – checking plumbing fittings, mowing weeds around the periphery, and doing special building projects. If you’re handy with tools, this is a great way to engage.

Spring Annuals Sale: Our spring annuals sale on Saturday, April 13, features something a bit different this year: In addition to a talk by John Danielsen, we’ll be offering our annuals at a lower price of $3 per 4-inch pot. Each pot contains multiple seedlings; plant promptly and enjoy! For details, see flyer elsewhere in this newsletter.

Lesley Hunt
NHN Committee Chair

We have a new nursery assistant! Tara Parker-Essig joined us on February 1. She graduated from UC Davis last spring with a degree in design but soon began to rethink what she really wanted to do. In October she came to Native Here as a volunteer. She’s passionate about native plants and soaks up information like a sponge. In addition to her primary duties supporting the potters and keeping the inventory up to date, she waits on customers and rings up sales. Come on up and meet her!

The second new development at the nursery is that our soil sterilizer arrived last week and the electrician upgraded our service yesterday morning so we could start to use it. We immediately loaded it with soil and got it going, although the cryptic instructions were a challenge. It was nowhere close to the temperature required to kill the Phytophthora when the nursery closed for the day, so Barbara came back at dinner time to check on it. Lo and behold, we had our first load of soil! We still have things to learn about how to use the sterilizer most effectively, but we are off and running. We bought the soil sterilizer as part of the State Phytophthora Committee grant that we applied for last fall.

The last piece of news from the nursery this month is that we’ve had to postpone our Flowering Annuals special event for a month because February’s cold weather has delayed the plants’ growth and they won’t be ready. It’s now scheduled for Saturday, April 13. We have good supplies of wind poppies, lupines, clarkia, and other favorites.

Lesley Hunt
NHN Committee

Location101 Golf Course Drive, Berkeley CA 94708
Located in Tilden Park across from the entrance to the Tilden Golf Course
Phone: 510-549-0211

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Tuesdays: noon to 3 pm, Fridays: 9 am-noon, Saturdays: 10 am-2 pm

Native Here Nursery is a non-profit nursery dedicated to growing plants for restoration of park lands and gardening projects. The plants are “locally native,” grown from seed and cuttings collected in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

Native Here Nursery

The nursery is dependent on the dedication and hard work of volunteers.

Native Here is a project of the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society, which is a 501 C3 organization.

Donations in support of the activities of the East Bay Chapter of the California Native Plant Society in pursuit of its mission are much appreciated.