Summer Survey Challenge

The Unusual Plants Committee has just completed a 3-year project of identifying individual populations for the A1 and A2-ranked locally rare plant species in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. This will eventually be incorporated into the database and you will be able to search and sort by population and track the progression of a particular population over the years.

In conjunction with this project, we have compiled a list consisting mostly of populations that have recently become historical (not reported in 25 years or more). Many of these populations may still exist, but simply have not been reported recently. While the field survey season is usually in the spring months, many species in this list are wetland plants or late-blooming, so therefore identifiable in the summer months.

Download the Plant List

The Unusual Plants Committee would therefore like to challenge CNPS members (and anyone else who’s interested) to survey for and monitor these populations this summer and help the Chapter update its population records. While the mountains and coast beckon to us in the summer, if each of us chose just one weekend to stay in the East Bay to survey at least one plant population or more, it would greatly increase our knowledge of the current status of our locally rare flora, thus enabling us to fine-tune and pin-point even more precisely where we should be focusing our efforts at conservation and advocacy.

The data needed for the population surveys are:

  • name of plant
  • name of observer
  • date of observation
  • location (detailed description plus GPS coordinates if possible)
  • number of plants
  • size of area covered by population
  • habitat
  • condition of plants
  • threats

Please send your data to, or by snail mail to Dianne Lake, 1050 Bayview Farm Rd, #121, Pinole, CA 94564.

Thank You and Happy Botanizing!