Outreach Representative

Outreach Representative

Location: Various, mainly west of the East Bay Hills.

Objective: Educate the public about the chapter’s activities and Native Here Nursery.

Qualifications: Knowledge of local native plants and EBCNPS activities (reading the Bay Leaf is enough for most chapter activities). Friendly and outgoing, comfortable talking with the public.

Responsibilities: Attend various public events the chapter is invited to participate in and educate the people who attend about the EBCNPS chapter and its activities. Promote chapter membership. You will need to transport and set up educational and promotional material; most groups provide a table, chair, and canopy. The chapter is also invited to give talks to various groups, usually about gardening with native plants. Eventually, you may want to develop your own materials that you feel comfortable with.

Time commitment: Occasional, up to 6 hours for an event.

Training/Support: Lesley Hunt, Chapter Outreach Representative, will train.

Benefits: Educate the public about the native plants you love; talk to people about topics you enjoy.

Supervisor: Lesley Hunt, Chapter Outreach Representative

Whom to contact: Lesley Hunt, ldhunt@astound.net.